2015 MoonBots STEM/Social Outreach Project: The Lunar Candy

We and our collaborators had a combined STEM and Social Outreach, where we had a science camps with one of the activities featured our VEX IQ robots and how this robot can relate STEM learning to building + programming the robot.

We also donated 4 VEX IQ sets to 4 schools with underserved children between grade 1-6 (6-12 years old). The teachers from the schools are eager and willing to continue using the VEX IQ sets as a tools for students to build their curiosity and inspiration, while building the robot.

We also thank our collaborators (Benchamaratrangsarit School, NARIT, KMITL) for this outreach.

Credits: Theme song– Limitless
Clips– Google Lunar X-Prize, and Youtube