The incredible application of soft robot | Tiefeng Li | TEDxQingboSt

Li Tiefeng said: “Life lives in this universe by its own methods.” So does the study of software robots. From the creation of its physical form to the birth of “artificial muscles”, it is the result of manpower against natural forces.

After three years of robot-fish farming, Li has almost became the legendary story of Zhejiang University as Fishermen, the software robot fish invented by Li Tiefeng officially entered into the Mariana Trench and swam there, which made great progress in the research of software robots.

The era of coexistence between man and robot will come, but it will not be the only world of Iron Man and Transformers, but the era to couple strength and gentleness.
What’s the soft robot? Scientist got inspirations from nature and created soft robots far better and more fleixlbe than hard robots. Li tiefeng, a PhD holder under the joint education of Zhejiang and Harvard University, is now a doctoral supervisor in Zhejiang University and head of Software Robot and Intelligent Wearing Equipment Laboratory in Zhejiang University. He is winner of many nationally well recognized awards, including winner of National Excellent Youth Fund, , Young Talents of China Association of Science and Technology, and winner of Zhejiang Youth Achiever Youth Fund. His research of soft robot was recorded and reported by CCTV and “G20 china’s solution special documentary”. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at